Butch Hall Type of Flutes

Butch Hall handcrafts exactness tuned local American style woodwinds at reasonable costs. Butch forms the 15 note, broadened run local American style woodwinds heard on many top of the line local American woodwind collections. Butch’s Little Horse A minor starter woodwind is the top selling local American style woodwind around the world. Butch uses premium cedar and select hardwoods like pecan, maple and aspen. Sporadically, Butch will discover extraordinary woods like koa, rosewood, tulipwood and others to construct a couple of exceptional Native American style woodwinds.

“I fabricate my woodwinds from lovely, top quality, eastern red (sweet-smelling) cedar, pecan and cherry woods. The entirety of my woodwinds utilize the predominant one piece bored development technique. This gives you an increasingly strong woodwind, with no delamination worries that a portion of the two piece woodwinds face. Boring is additionally exceptionally precise, in as much as I can go directly down the focal point of a woodwind, +/ – .002 inch. That is a large portion of the thickness of a dollar note! It additionally makes for a prettier woodwind, without the paste lines.

Our woodwinds utilize an all-inclusive range pentatonic tuning. This is some of the time called a Mode 1-Mode 4 tuning. They have a sum of 15 notes, covering an octave in addition to a

minor third. They likewise have a 12 tone chromatic octave inside the minor pentatonic.”

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