Fashionable Hairstyles for 2020

Every new year brings with it some new fashion trends. 2020 is no different and has brought with it embellished braids, classic styles from the 80s, and outrageous hair color combinations. The new year is the ideal time to get yourself a new look. With all that in mind, here are some of the most fashionable hairstyles for 2020.

  • The New and Improved Perm

They say everything old is new again, and the return of the perm certainly proves that. Perms started to make a comeback late 2019 and are sure to continue into 2020. Shag haircuts, French bobs, and 70’s-era fringes are all coming back, making perms the perfect style for straight hair. The best thing about perms is that they don’t last all that long. If you don’t like the look of your perm, it’ll be gone in a few months anyway. If you like it, though, you can always have it put back in!

  • The Cropped Bowl Cut

Short hair continues to grow in popularity and is only going to get more popular. Some people have started taking the plunge and opting for an even shorter look. The look has become popular with celebrities, too, such as Emma Thompson and Kristen Stewart.

  • Ribbons

Hair accessories come in all shapes and sizes, including hair bands, pins, and barrette clips. One of the most popular accessories these days is hair ribbons. A lovely velvet or silk ribbon can be used to tie hair up in a bow or knot, or it can be woven through the hair like a braid. The great thing about ribbons is how versatile they are. These ribbons are a cheap accessories that work with all lengths of hair.

  • Bleached Bits

The trend of bleached bits in hair isn’t going away anytime soon. Bleaching only certain parts of your hair is a low commitment but a wearable hair trend that is becoming more and more popular.

  • Embellished Braids

One of the latest fashionable hairstyles trends is to embellish braids. Beads, ribbons, pearls, and fabrics are intertwined into hair for creative and beautiful styles.

  • 80’s Hair Combs

The 80s are coming back again with these combs. Curly hair is brushed and crimped and pulled back before being fitted with a comb for this look.

  • Super Long Hair

No list of fashionable hairstyles would be complete with super long hair. Be sure to ask your stylist to give you some face-framing layers. Layering the cut properly makes it more flattering and opens the door for accessories.

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