Gambling Destroyed My Life And I Love It

Betting sports stakes took the best of me: my optimism, my serenity, my dollars… lost by me.

My entire life had been amazingly dreadful as I get everyday saturated in sorrow; hating the whole world and myself. And, I like gaming! Something has to be wrong with me.

Just how do I feel the desire to return into this adrenaline? Damn! This wrecked. Same Destroyed my loved ones. Why the fuck don’t I despise this?

I began gaming at 13.  I liked it. But I lose all, therefore I despise it. I need to prevent it. I can ‘t end up as this! Or, should I like this such as that I do? When I end up enjoying this, what would my real chance be? I’m devoid of each and each afternoon and, this is hell. So much in affluence before but, now, broke and poor. Decades past, it had been just nothing.

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Committing myself the more, if I triumph, I would cease, I promised. But worse it gets… I tried not to bet as I genuinely seek a better way on but, today, it’s time again…